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1 lot of copper minerals From Milpillas, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico. Good color, good size and without contamination of other minerals Mini Geodes with Amethyst Crystals

1 lot of copper minerals:

 Azurite, Malachite, Brochantita, Barite, freshly extracted from Milpillas with a depth of 1 1/2 km.  17 pieces in total

Special Web Price
of only $ 600 dlls.

2 Azurite with white matrix

From Milpillas, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico. Good color, good size and without contamination of other minerals.

$50 each or a special of both for $80.

Mini Geodes w/ Amethyst Crystals

Found near Sonora-Chihuahua Border. Beautiful crystals.

$25 each or a special of both for $40.
Malachite minerals from Milpillas, Santa Cruz, Mexico        Solnhofen Limestone Fossil     Ocean Fossil from France Approximately 40 million years old


3 Pieces of Malachite from Milpillas, Santa Cruz, Mexico.

$ 90 dlls.

Solnhofen Limestone Fossil:

Leptis platiformis and 2 sacomas with an age of 160 million years.

Special Pricing of $ 300 dlls.

France Fossil:

Ocean Fossil approximately 40 million years old, From a Mexican family  collection.

Special price of $ 140 dlls.
Fossil shell Alamos Smoked Quatz Navajun pyrite from Spain

Fossil shell:

With vivianite found in Bolivia,

$ 90 dlls.

Alamos Smoked Quartz:

Quartz Crystal from Alamos Sonora with iron oxide and mineral combination with great energy.

$ 80 dlls.

Navajun pyrite Spain:

Geometric shape matrix of Navajun Spain. 4 cubes of Pyrite.

$ 120 dlls.
Broncantita mineral Azurite with Malachite Brazil Geodes


Beautiful green crystallized matrix handpiece.

$ 80 dlls.

Azurite with Malachite

Great specimen from Milpillas, MX with different minerals on it and azurite crystals with pseudomorph process.

Special price $ 300 dlls.

Brazil Geodes

Beautiful colors and crystallization. Counterparts sold to Greece.

$80 each or both for $120
Barite with Malachite Full Ammonite of Madagascar with Opalization  

Barite with Malachite:

Mineral  extracted of 1.6 km deep in Milpillas Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico near Cananea underground  copper mine. Crystallization white barite matrix and malachite pseudomorph (precious crystals of good size)

Special Price $ 350 dlls.


Full Ammonite of Madagascar with Opalization

In Mexican collection from 1974. 140 million years old approximately. Good size.

Special Internet  Price of $ 280 dlls.

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