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Dr. Carlos Alvarez Alvarez graduated from the Independent School of General Medicine at the University of Dr Alvarez Homeopatic Doctor or PhysicianGuadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1979. Most recently, 2003,  he completed studies in the Medical Specialty fields of Homotoxicology, Biological Medicine and Homeopathy at the Independent University of Morelos, .

Dr. Alvarez is currently (since 1981) the Medical Director of the Mexican Institute of Social Services (IMSS) Hospital, Nogales, Sonora (the largest hospital in Nogales,) In 2001 Dr. Alvarez began working in the Specialty Fields of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology. In 2003 the Doctor opened the Alvarez Homeopathic Clinic.

Dr. Alvarez has lived in Nogales all his life and since graduating from the University in 1979 he has made his home here with his wife, Dulce and their three children (1 boy and 2 girls.) The Doctor is an avid reader and a golf enthusiast. 


The Alvarez Homeopathic Clinic, started in 1981, has been located at the Center for Medical Specialties, Ave.   Dr Alvarez Homeopatic Doctor or Physician & ReceptionistObregón 668, Ste. 5, Nogales, Sonora, until their move into the beautifully redecorated offices at Ave. Obregón 38.

Irene Cortez Medina, pictured at the left, with Dr. Alvarez, not only works with the doctor, but coordinates the efficient scheduling of appointments through their new call center. It is the Doctor's wishes that the appointmentsDr Alvarez Homeopatic Doctor or Physician Office Front be schedule so that the patients have no waiting and are scheduled to provide ample time without a hint of rushing. The patient is the important person at this clinic--not the staff! Please let the staff know as soon as possible, if you are going to be late.

The new offices opened on August 14, 2006. The marble Saturno Anays.JPG (301195 bytes) street entry is the gateway to the beautiful tiled and plaster interior offices. The brightly colored reception area greets patients offering them a choice of a waiting area with a new, large size television featuring both Spanish and English programming or a quieter reading area. Unusual, for Mexico's medical offices, the offices boast 2 large restrooms.Dr Alvarez Homeopatic Doctor or Physician Inside 2 As noted above, the scheduling will note allow for much time in the waiting areas which is shared by the Border Dental offices, a complete adult general and cosmetic dentistry

During your first visit it is important for the physician to get to the root of your problem or problems, The clinic reviews your medical records, diagnostic test results, all your current medications & supplements and run appropriate tests and examinations of their own, including an EKG, if necessary. In addition, the physician will conduct and in-depth interview to determine your exact needs and the specific treatment that you need. 


The system of medicine known as Homeopathy was founded by Dr Samuel HahnemannDr Alvarez Homeopatic Doctor or Physician Homeopathic Educational Services logo (1755-1843), although the premise on which it is based was understood in principle by the ancient Greeks. Dr Hahnemann became disillusioned with the ineffective and often brutal medical treatments of his day and gave up his medical practice, earning a living instead by translating medical texts while studying chemistry. 

In one such text he came across some information whose truth he doubted, namely that quinine was beneficial in the treatment of malaria by virtue of acting upon the stomach as a tonic. He decided to take small doses of quinine to see what effect it would have on him, and in a few days he began to experience symptoms of malaria. The idea dawned on him that a substance that could produce the symptoms of an illness in a healthy person could also be used to treat an illness with the same characteristics. 

He returned to medical practice and devoted the rest of his life to formulating the theory and implementation of what was to become Homeopathy. Not only did he oversee the testing of many substances to be used medicinally, he also devised a novel way of preparing those substances so that minute quantities had curative properties without unpleasant side-effects. These remedies and many more added over the intervening years are employed today as they were 200 years ago, and with the same beneficial results.

The homoeopathic practitioner seeks, through careful history-taking, to match the total symptom complex of the sick person with a remedy which induces these same symptoms in a healthy individual. Suitable remedies help ailing systems to move towards a new level of energetic organization and function, aiding in the return to health.


Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) began developing the scientific concept of Homotoxicology in 1948.

Based upon the premise that illness is the body’s defense mechanism attempting to deal with the adverse effects of homotoxins which are defined as harmful influences of a physical, chemical, biological, energetic or psychological nature.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of maintaining or restoring regulatory balance in the extracellular matrix because the functions of cells depend to a great extent on its composition and effective functionality. Any influences that reach the cells must pass through this extracellular matrix which always responds holistically, as an anatomical and functional unity.

Homotoxicology combines elements of Homeopathy, naturopathy and conventional medicine, its therapeutic objectives are:-

  • Prevention of illness

  • Detoxification of organic systems

  • Regeneration of organic systems

  • Symptom management

Homotoxicology is a sophisticated modern form of Homeopathy and is the most prescribed form of natural medicine in Germany, where it has been used for over 50 years and is practiced by conventional doctors and natural therapists alike.  In fact 80% of orthodox doctors in Germany prescribe homeopathic or antihomotoxic preparations for their patients.  The efficacy and safety of Homotoxicology is supported by close on 100 clinical trials.

In Homotoxicology, diseases are considered to be ultimately caused by toxins, whether toxic chemicals, bacterial exotoxins, biological endotoxins, post traumatic cellular debris and also by-products of the body’s metabolic processes.  Furthermore, disease symptoms are said to be the result of the body’s attempt to heal itself and should not necessarily be suppressed.

Antihomotoxic preparations act against symptoms and also stimulate the detoxifying functions of the Lymphatic system and the connective tissues.  A great number of health problems respond well to antihomotoxic therapy.  The phase of the patients symptoms or disease determines which particular antihomotoxic preparation a health practitioner will use.

Antihomotoxic medicines are specialist preparations that are available only from health professionals and pharmacies with experience in Homotoxicology.  This ensures that patients receive the maximum health benefits offered by this system of natural medicine.

Dr. Alvarez's Brochure on Homeopathy
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Homoeopathic Therapy* Neural Therapy
Allergies & Immunology Biological Medicine (Germany)
Rheumatology homeopathic (no cortisone) (no narcotics)  Obesity and Nutrition (No drugs, No Atkins's Diet, No Rebound) 
Detoxification (Xanax, Tafil, Narcotics, & etc.) Anti-Age (No Hormonal Drugs-No Narcotics)
Detoxification (Chemotherapy & Radiology) Anti-Stress Shot (No Narcotics)
Anxiety & Panic Disorders Anti Flu Shot (2007)
Chronic Pain Therapy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Chronic Fatigue (No Ritalin)  Spine Pain (Lumbago, Hernia, Disc, Sciatica, etc.)

Second Opinion-Always look at the Alternatives

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Homeopathy Medicines:

All Homeopathy Medicines are manufactured in Germany and Imported by a Mexican Government regulated Pharmaceutical Company. They are all Nontoxic and have no secondary effects (side effects.) Most of the Medicines are manufactured under the brand name Heel.

All patients receive complimentary Prescriptions for exactly the same brand name medicines that the patient's US Physician issued and then can be filled at local pharmacy and exported legally.

Office Hours: 

Office Hours: Please Call or Email for an Appointment

Fee Schedule:

Normally the Initial Examination, Tests and the Initial 21 day supply of medicine is $70.

Acceptable Methods Payments:

MasterCard,  Visa,  Discovery, and American Express Credit Cards
Traveler's Check, Personal Check, Money Order, and  Cash 

Contact Us:

Dr. Carlos Alvarez Alvarez (English is Spoken)
Alvarez Homeopathic Clinic

Privada Bercerril # 2, Ste. 8 H
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 84000
MX Tel No.: 011-52-631-312-2634
Cell Tel No.: 011-52-631-150-6242
Via Nextel: ID# 62*342911*2
US Tel No: N/A


The Clinic is Located in 
Nogales Mexico or Nogales Sonora Mexico

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The Homeopathic or Biological popular medicines used at the Alvarez Homeopathic Clinic, Nogales, MX, include Angin-Heel, Cerebrum compositum N, Cralonin, Discus compositum N, Engystol, Euphorbium compositum, Gripp-Heel, Lymphomyosot, Nervoheel, Nuz vomica-Homaccord, Spascupreel, Traumeel, Vertigoheel, Viburcol and Zeel.

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