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Dr. Jose Saturno, DDS,
attended Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico from  1991-Dr. Jose Saturno at Border Dental in Nogales Sonora Mexico1997 graduated with his D.D.S. in 1997. Upon completion of his education, Dr. Saturno returned to his country, Panama, to do their required two years of Social Service in the Caribbean North Coast, in Panama, in order to get his license as a dentist in his country. After finishing Social Service tour, he worked a year of private practice in Panama.

Dr. Saturno keeps update with the latest improvements in Dental Practices with Seminars and courses in both the United States and Mexico. His personal educational standards are well above the requirements for the US and Mexico. The doctor also is an active member in the Nogales Dental Association, Sonora Dental Association and the Mexican Dental Association.

Dr. Saturno moved to Arizona to work as a volunteer with Rural Health in the Mobil Clinic Program, while training in private practice and attending private courses in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. During this time he also was working on the Mexican side of the border in a Private Practice.

Dr. Jose Saturno is truly International -- he is Panamanian with Italian ancestry, schooled and trained in Mexico and the United States. He now lives in Nogales, Arizona and has his practice across the border in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.


Border Dental, (formally called Saturno Dental) Offices are located, across the street from their old offices, in at Calle Obregón 38 (38 Obregón Avenue) moved to their new offices in  August of 2006.

The Dental Offices have two complete dental units with the newest  equipment that reach all the American standards ofDr. Saturno with Patient at Border Dental in Nogales Sonora Mexico safety and hygiene. As the pictures show, many US Clinics would do well to upgrade their offices to Border Dental's standards. 

The whole philosophy of the Dental practice is to provide top quality dental care utilizing the latest in technology andBorder Dental Staff in Nogales Sonora MX techniques with the best staff possible.

Currently there are three Dentists, Dr. Jose Saturno, Dra. Alma Renteria, pictured left and below, and  staff photo working in Dra. Alma Renteria at Corder Dental in Nogales Sonora Mexicothis office with well trained, experienced technicians that assist in making your Dental Care a positive experience that you expect and deserve.

Border Dental offices were designed by Dr. Saturno to provide ample room for their equipment, staff and the patients. In addition the Doctor has provided for growth by outfitting a third examination room for future expansion. The new offices boast two large waiting areas, one with a new large television with English and Spanish programming and a quiet reading area, and two modern restrooms.

As the in the past, the Dental Offices plan their examinations and patient care to minimized the time in the office.

Border Dental is one of the fastest growing Dental Offices in Nogales. They attribute part of their success to their repeat business, but mainly to their satisfied patients referring their family, friends, and neighbors.

Bilingual TV Area

Reading Area
Coffee Area

Border Dental Offices Accepts most US Dental Insurance Plans!


Unsolicited testimonials

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My dear Dr. Saturno.......

Wanted to tell you that after all your persistence  yesterday, my Obite¹ is
absolutely fine today.  It seems that the heaviness & lack of balance I was
feeling must have been my mouth getting accustomed  to the new and beautiful
crowns.  You and your wife are not only Santa  Claus for me this year, but
angels and artists.   I am most pleased.

 More later,
 Mary La Fever

Dear Dr. Saturno and staff, 

I want to thank for taking such great care of me. Not only did you fix my over 
priced partial plate made in the states. You did a great job on pulling my 
upper teeth pain free. I have a great smile for the first time in my life.


Roy Spivey
Chino Valley, AZ

P.S. You will be hearing from my friends.


 Dental Exams and Consultations  General Dentistry Procedures
 Cosmetic Dentistry  Cavity Repairs
 Dental Implants  Dental Restorations
 Endodontics (Root Canals)  Dental Cleaning
 Laser Whitening  Laser Therapeutic Dental Treatments

Call us about other specific procedures or special needs



Laser de Blancqueamiento--The latest Laser Equipment from DMC, a Florida Corporation.
Dr. Jose Saturno at Border Dental Nogales Sonora Mexico Laser Whitening Equipment

This Dental Laser Whitening System uses the latest technology to whiten and brighten you teeth with a cool laser. This enhanced system virtually eliminates the discomfort from the heat that the older systems generate, the sensitivity issue has been eliminated. Upon completion of your 45 to 60 minute treatment you will be able to drink either hot or cold drinks.





Stained, Discolored Teeth:

Stained or discolored teeth can be a major embarrassment because no amount of bleaching, brushing or visits to the dentist will remove the stains. Now there’s a hassle-free solution to the problem. Lamination, which are like thin covers for your teeth, eliminate the traces of any stains or discoloration. Best of all, a lamination procedure leaves you with permanent whitening.

Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico before Whitening Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico after whitening

"Without any pain my teeth were straightened, whitened and my smile came to life. I kept waiting for it to hurt, but it never did. I smile all the time now."


Dental Implants:
Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico Dental Implants Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico Dental Implant Pictures

Border Dental has chosen the IMTEC implant systems for their Single 
Tooth Implants (Endure) and their Denture Stabilization Implants (MDI.)

Endure Internal Hex Implant System
Used mainly for Replacement Teeth

Collared and Classic MDI Now Available
 For Denture Stabilization

Click for more information 

Click for more information 



Office Hours:

Monday through Friday:
            9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

            9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Acceptable Methods of Payment:

Most American Dental Insurance Plans
MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards
Personal Check (with prior approval, please call)
Traveler Checks, Money Orders, and Cash
                    Click for Loan Application
 with Dr. Saturno                    with Dra. Renteria


Contact Us:Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico Map from Border to Office

Dr. Jose Saturno (English is Spoken)
Border Dental

Ave. Obregón # 38, Ste. B
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel. No. 011-52-631-312-5117
US Tel No. 520-245-7016 or 520-270-9225

Please Note:
We are only 3 Blocks from the Border,
It is a safe Walk, but
If you would prefer a Free Ride,
we will be Glad to Pick You Up!
Please call us at
520-270-9225 when you arrive!

Border Dental Map to their Offices in Nogales Sonora Mexico
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