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Dr. Mario A. Ibarra Retes, Graduated the University of Guadalajara,Dr. Mario A. Ibarra Retes General and Cosmetic Dentist in Guadalajara, Mexico Dental School 1992, with. his DDS, specializing in General Dentistry. Dr. Ibarra went on to get his masters degree in Laser Dentistry.

The doctor has continued his dentistry education with many courses and seminars. He is a very active member of many organizations that promote high quality professionalism of dentistry such as, the Colegio Dental of Nogales (A past president of the Nogales Association,) Sonora State Dental Associations, Mexican Dental Associations and the American Dental Association.

Dr. Ibarra is highly respected by his patients and by the Dental professionals in Nogales, the State of Sonora, Mexico.

The doctor prides himself with learning and utilizing the most advanced technologies and equipment in the Dental profession to insure that his patients get the best care possible, here in Nogales or in the US.

Dr. Ibarra lives in Nogales, Sonora with his lovely wife, Isela and his 3 kids, Paulina 12, Mario 5 and Diego, he just turned 2. When not attending to his practice he is actively involved in his family life and tries to keep up with his favorite football, soccer and basketball teams.

Dr. Juan Rojas, D.D.S., has joined Dr. Ibarra to provide additional services. More information to come.
Click to email or call the office at US Tel No. (520) 313-5611.


Dr. Ibarra's offices are located about three blocks fromDr. Ibarra with patient the border entry (please see map below,) it is on the 2nd floor of the 3 story Irazola building, across from the 8 story Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza. The building is equipped with an elevator and a handicap ramp for easy access. The office, recently remodel-led, is completely outfitted with the latest dental equipment and technology.

During the initial examination they use the latest intra-oral camera and monitor to show the patient their ownDr. Mario Ibarra comfortable waiting room mouth and lets them see their problem teeth. It helps to explain theDr. Ibarra dental laser equipment the DMC Photon Lase problems and the recommended treatment. In addition, the doctor uses a digital x-ray system that again helps him diagnosis your problems and helps explain the treatment and the results of the treatment.

Dr. Ibarra uses the CompuDent that allows for virtually painless delivery of anesthetic in a very comfortable, non-threatening manner. Pictured, above right, is the DMC Photon Lase, the Dental laser that the doctor uses in many of his procedures. Click on this link Photon Lase for more information on theDr. Mario Ibarra Sterilization Room equipments and the uses.

Pictured, to the right, is the sterilization room that is dedicated to provide for the patients' care and safety, All the dentists are regulated and inspected by the government to insure the professionalism of medical and dental offices.

The  clinic prides itself in efficiently scheduling their patients so that there is minimal waiting time. They have a very comfortable waiting/reception area with a restroom for the patient's companions.

Drs. Ibarra and Rojos at offices in Nogales Sonora Mexico
Dr. Ibarra
and Dr. Rojas are pictured with their dental assistants
 Blanca, Angie and Geovanna.

Unsolicited Testimony:

Hi Dr Ibarra,

  I wanted to send this review to you so Paulina can post on your website;

  My name is Ann and I am 75 year old living in Tucson.  After getting my implant from Dr Gabriel Tardaguila, I went upstairs to Dr. Ibarra's office.( The dental offices were right across from the big white hotel. Easy to find.). 

     Dr Ibarra, Paulina at the front desk, Dr. Rojas, and Blanca welcomed me.  They all made me feel as welcome as Dr. Gabe's office had when I got my implant. Dr. Mario Ibarra's office was state of the art equipment and his office was immaculate.  My whole experience was wonderful.  Dr Mario Ibarra is a true artist.  I have crowns on most of my teeth so I am sure I will be seeing Dr. Ibarra and his wonderful staff again soon.  I highly recommend Dr. Mario Ibarra and his wonderful staff.

Paulina will you post this where it will help.  Sorry I spelled your name wrong.

All the best,

Ann Duffy


General Dentistry Teeth Whitening
Tooth Bonding Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain Crowns and Bridges Esthetic Gold Restorations
Bonded Tooth Colored Fillings Prevention/Sealants
Call or Email about Your Specific Needs

Porcelain Veneers
Veneers are thin layers of beautifully crafted porcelain that are custom-made to fit your teeth. The veneers are permanently bonded directly to the teeth using space-age technology and do not stain or wear down. Porcelain veneers give you the opportunity to instantly renew your smile. Ideal for the front teeth, porcelain veneers improve your overall smile by bonding new "fronts" on existing teeth. Porcelain veneers allow us to reshape teeth, straighten the crooked ones, and make them whiter. The improvement is permanent. All this is possible in two visits about two to three weeks apart.

Often we can utilize bonding procedures to change someone's smile. Bonding is done when we place a tooth colored filling material directly onto the tooth to change the shape, length, width or color. It can be done quickly and the changes last for years. Usually we use this technique for minor changes that can make major differences in one's smile. We can fix chips, close spaces, and whiten teeth in just one appointment.

Teeth Whitening
The state-of-the-art whitening materials and techniques that we recommend have been unbelievably effective and easy
for whitening teeth. Hundreds of our patients have had their teeth whitened since the materials first become available. Satisfaction with the results has been unanimous.

Tooth Colored Fillings
Our office does not use any "silver" or mercury filling material for reasons based on scientific evidence, our patients' concerns about their health and safety, strength, durability and aesthetic concerns. Tooth colored composite restorative material has no reported health side effects. These new materials wear like your own teeth and since they bond to teeth, they actually strengthen them

Sealants are used to prevent and guard against the onset of decay. Sealants are a clear, white or slightly tinted, thin plastic coating. They are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They protect the irregular surfaces, which tend to trap food and bacterial debris, which can lead to cavities.

For Your Information:

CompuDent brochures for painless anesthetic shots

Office Hours:

Day Open Close
Monday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Acceptable Methods Payments:

Personal Check, Money Order, Traveler's Checks and Cash

Contact Us:Map to Dr. Mario Ibarra's Dental Office in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Dr. Mario A. Ibarra  (English is Spoken)
Cirujano Dentista

Campillo No. 86, Ste. 101
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 84000
MX Tel No. 011-52-631-312-5204
US Tel No. (520) 313-5611


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