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Dr. Pedro Vazquez m., dds
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Dr. Pedro Vazquez Michel graduated from  the University of Guadalajara in 1992. Returning to work as a Dental Surgeon with his father, Dr. Francisco Vazquez Cardenas and with his brother, Dr. Francisco Vazquez Michel. Currently, the doctor has a separate practice with his father that works in association with his brother. Dr. Vazquez has been practicing dentistry for 19 years. 

Among the many professional organizations that the doctor belongs to are the Dental Association of Nogales, Dental Association of Sonora and the Mexican Dental Association. He also is a  member of the Seminaño Odontológico of Sonora (S.O.S.).

Dr. Pedro Vazquez keeps up-to-date on the current dental practices, techniques, equipment and innovations through courses and seminars throughout the world. Most recently, the doctor traveled to Madrid, Spain to attend an extensive program in implant Surgery at Ruben Brave Juan Clinic, a very prestigious institute.

The doctor also completed the Oral and Maxillofacial Implant surgery program at the UCLA Implant Center, at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Vazquez has been married to his beautiful wife Ruth 20 years, and live in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. They have 3 daughters; Ana Paula, 19 years old is currently studying Languages in Montreal, Québec, Canada, Sofia, , and Mariana, 9 years.

The doctor was born and raised in Nogales has strong ties to the community and remains very close to his parents and brothers.


Dr. Pedro Vazquez has his practice with his father, Dr. Francisco Vazquez C., at the DoctorsDr Pedro Front door.jpg (1154690 bytes) Vazquez Dental Offices. It is located about 3 short blocks from the border. The doctor's practice is unique in that he also works in  association with his brother, Dr. Francisco Vazquez M. practicingBrianda Amando bilingual receptionist for Dr. Pedro Vazquez in Nogales Sonora Mexico dentistry at the Laser Tech Clinic, about 2 blocks south, on Obregon Ave., from their office. 

The dentist office was recently renovated to with new paint and decorations. Besides adding new dental chairs and equipment the doctor has two separate waiting areas  adds comfort to your short wait for your appointment or for your visitors. Pictured above, left is Brianda, the doctors receptionist, waiting to help you in person, by telephone or email. Her English is excellent.

The Doctors Vazquez Dental Office offer full Dr Pedro chair.jpg (1282222 bytes) Dental Implants and Endodental (Root Canals.)Dr Pedro Recp 1.jpg (1090687 bytes) Please see the information below about the 3i Dental Implants and the Straumann Dental Implant System that Dr. Vazquez has chosen for use in his clinic. His experience has shown that these are the most reliable and stable implants available. 

Dr. Pedro has kept abreast of all the latest dental equipment and has added equipment to not only aid in his diagnosis and treatment programs, but to aid in explaining the patient's treatment needs and to provide the up most comfort to the patient during treatment.

On screen, both the doctor and patient can see exactly what is needed and the results of the treatment through the use of his toothbrush size intraoral camera (Camrex 191 Intraoral Camera) and the Progeny MPS digital x-ray equipment. The icon to the right leads to more information about the high resolution images and increased data for more accurate diagnostics.  In addition, Dr. Pedro has added a computerized anesthesia machine (the Midwest Comfort Control Syringe) to insure exact dosage and to minimize the lingering effects The manufacturer says "Now there's an easy and affordable way to simplify injections and improve your patients' dental experience" and the patients agree!

The doctors extensive education and experience along with the resources available to him allows him to give his  patients many options to save and/or restore their teeth and maintain their dental health care. 

Dr. Pedro insures the competency of his staff by providing a continuing education and training program on the latest techniques and equipment through seminars, courses and manufacturer's training programs. 

The Vasquez Doctors Dental Clinic is a happy place with a great staff, pictured to the left are Josefina, Dr. Pedro and Brianda, Dr. Pedro's dental assistants. The happiness and friendliness of the doctor and his staff translates to a real comfort and confidence for their patients.


Saving Teeth, Gums and Jaw Bones
Dental Implants

Endodontics (Root Canal)

General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Hygiene-Cleaning Orthopedic Maxillofacial Treatments
Caps, Crowns & Bridges Maxillofacial Treatments 

Call or Email about Special Procedures or Services that you may need.

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More Information: 

The 3i Dental Implant System

The Convergence Of Advanced
Design And Surface Technology

The NanoTite™ Tapered PREVAIL® ImplantOsseointegration, primary stability and restorative flexibility align in an inspiring design – the addition of the PREVAIL Platform Switching™ Feature to the NanoTite Tapered Implant is designed to help clinicians pursue the preservation of crestal bone and soft tissue1,2, allowing for optimal aesthetic resluts.

The NanoTite Tapered PREVAIL Implant Features:

undefinedPlease see the manufacturers website for more detailed information: http://biomet3i.com/English/USA/ptEd_Main.cfm 




Straumann dental implant concept

Reliable. Simple. Versatile.

With more than 20 years of clinical research that have resulted in over 3,000 independent scientific publications, we offer the most extensively documented, clinically validated and practice-proven implant system in the market.

The functionality of our innovations, be it products or treatment methods, relies on a straightforward principle. Everything we offer must meet the following three key requirements: reliability, simplicity and versatility




Special Keyvisual




Straumann Logo

Please see the manufacturers website for more detailed information:

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Dr. Pedro Vazquez M., DDS (English Spoken)
Doctors Vazquez Dental Offices

Obregón #28,1st Floor, Ste. 7
Nogales, Sonora, México 84000
MX Tel No.: 011-52-631-312-2339
US Tel No.: 520-313-5911



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