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Dra. Margarita Alcántar S., DDSPD
Pedodontist (Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontics)


Dra. Margarita Alcántar S.
received her Doctorate from the Universidad
Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. She went on to the Instituto Nacional de Pediatria Hospital to get her degree in the specialization of Pediatrician Estomatology--the corrective and preventive field of Dentistry for children.

Dr. Alcántar continues her education by attending seminars and conferences throughout the year in the United States and Mexico. She is also a member of many professional associations including the Nogales Dental Association (Past Treasurer) and the American Dental Association.

Dra. Alcántar has extensive Dental experience with children; 5 years of private practice in Guerrero, MX., 5 years at the Hospital del Niño y de la Madre in Hermosillo City. While in Hermosillo City the Doctor started her private practice here in Nogales, Sonora, building it from a part-time 1 day a week practice to a thriving full time practice with a staff of 2 technicians and support personnel.

The doctor is one of many medical professionals that volunteer their services at the St. Andrew's Children's Clinic in Nogales, Arizona. The clinic provides all types of medical and dental services to handicapped children from Mexico. Dra. Alcántar, volunteers her office, equipment, staff and time to all children that the clinic refers to her. The clinic is a great humanitarian organization, read more about it at this link:

The Doctor was born into the Medical field, her father was a well know Pediatrician here in Nogales. She grew up in Nogales, the middle child of 8 brothers and sisters. One of her brothers, a doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, also followed her father's profession.

The Doctor lives in Nogales with her family, including 3 children; a 23 year old son, Juan Andrea, currently at the University studying International Business Administration, Fabiola, a 20 old teenager attending college in Tucson (she plans to be a Dentist, she has helped her mother since she was 7 years old, playing with and entertaining the small ones.) Her youngest, Sebastian, is 13 and thinks being a Dentist is a great idea when he grows up...or maybe a Fireman! Dra. Alcántar is very active in their school education and activities.


As a Pedodontist Practice we have special training in caring for children and for children with special needs. Exam room Pediatric Dental Services for kids and childen under 18We have been trained to look at the whole oral cavity and to provide examinations that includes the teeth, jaws, cheeks-the whole mouth. Our100_2221.jpg (112741 bytes) Pedodontist offices are specially designed for children with smaller instruments, chairs and at all times a child-friendly setting. 

Our examination and operating room with plenty of space with two dental chairs where your child can be comfortable, X rays, intraoral camera to show the parents their child’s mouth. 

Dra. Alcántar speaks English and will speak with the parents personally to explain all the steps of their child needs, treatmentIntraoral camera for Pediatric Dental Services for kids and childen under 18Intraoral display for Pediatric Dental Services for kids and childen under 18 and care. We use a special high tech camera and display that shows the patient and the parents exactly where the problems are and aids in explaining the treatment necessary for a healthy, beautiful smile.

We have a very highly trained staff of Dental Technicians and support personnel to provide the best care and comfort to your children. Our practice is designed to care for children from infancy to 18 years old. The practice is designed to prevent or minimize theDra' Margarita Alcantar with patient in Nogales Sonora Mexico need for dental braces or major dental problems by providing ongoing, preventative care. 

Besides our expertise in Pediatric care we are supported by a building full of other Dental Practitioners that we can refer our patients for very specialized needs (or for their parents' dental needs.) Dra. Margarita also provides gentle general dental care for her regular patient's parents.

Our kids waiting room is designed to make the kids relaxed while they wait for theirPlay area for Pediatric Dental Services for kids and childen under 18 turn with the Doctor. Many of the little ones want the Doctor to hurry so that they can get back to the toys, they spend their time thinking about the toys and not what the doctor is doing. Dra. Alcántar and Alejandra, Dental Technician, (left in photo, above) works hard to send the kids back to their parents with a happy, big smile and looking forward to seeing Dra. Alcántar again.Dra. Margarita Alcantar and staff in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Our friendly receptionist, Karen, far left below in the picture, is bilingual to help you with any questions while you wait. We also have English TV and English magazines for the Parents while they wait for their children.Dra. Margarita Alcantar's receptionist in Nogales Sonora Mexico

To the right is a staff photo with Andrea, Dra. Maggie, Alexandra and Karen. To the left is Karen at the receptionists desk in the reception area of the clinic.

The Doctor's professional education, skill and experience is augmented with her 20 plus years mothering experience. She knows how to relate both to the parents as well as the kids, your experience with the doctor and her staff will leave you feeling like part of a very caring family.



 General Dentistry for Children  Orthodontics (Braces & Retainers) 
 Root Treatment and Therapy  Maxillofacial Therapy
 Bad Habits Correction Therapy  Birth Defects Detection
 Parent Education about Child Nutrition and Dental Care in Child's first years.
 Teach the Children how to Brush their Teeth and Take Care of their Mouths
 Call about any Special Needs for your Children

An amazing feature of the Doctor's practice is that the services and procedures costs 50 to 75% less than the dentists, with the same education, experience and equipment charge in Arizona.

For your Information:

What is a Pediatric Dentist? Click on this for a brief story

What about the Water? It is as safer or safer than the water in the USA, Please click on picture below for the certified report.

Certified Laboratory Water Report for Dra. Alcantar's Dentisaurus Clinic in Nogales Sonora Mexico
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Office Hours: 

Monday through Wednesday and Friday:
    Open 9:00 AM Lunch 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM Close 5:00 PM

Thursday*** and Saturday:
    Open 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

For Emergencies call 520-988-1815

*** Please Note: Dra. Alcántar Office is open on Thursday, but she usually does Volunteer Work at the Nogales Schools and St. Andrew's Children's Clinic, Call to see if an appointment is possible for a Thursday.

Acceptable Methods Payments:

Most US Insurance Companies (Call or email for Details on your policy.
Currently We Process:
- Genworth Financial
- BlueCross BlueShield Assoc
- Southwestern Teamsters Security Fund
- CIGNA Healthcare
- MetLife
- AETNA US Healthcare
- United Food and Commercial Workers Click Here for Approved Dentists and go to Page 5

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Dra. Margarita Alcántar S. (English is Spoken)

Ave. Campillo # 86, Ste. 305
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
MX Tel No.
US Tel No.:  520-988-1815

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