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Dr. Luis Fernando Monroy Araux
Radiology & Ultrasound


Dr. Luis Fernando Monroy Araux, MD, graduated from the university at in 1998 as a generalDr. Luis Monroy Radioloy Department at Endomedica Clinic Nogales Sonora Mexico medical doctor. The doctor went on with graduate work to specialize in Radiology.

Dr. Monroy has furthered his specialization in Radiology with graduate studies in Ultrasound Doppler, Mammography, and Tomography.

The Doctor participates in continuing education programs through his active participation in his professional associations:

Dr. Monroy is married and the proud father of two little girls. They live in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and travel frequently to the Tucson and Phoenix malls.

The doctor is an enthusiastic golfer, playing as often as possible in both Mexico and the USA.


The radiology and ultrasound clinic is located on the ground floor of of the brand new EndomedicaRadiolgy Staff at Imagen Medical at Endomedic Clinic in Nogales Sonora Mexico Clinica. They mainly serve the 5 doctors in the clinic and several physicians in the Clinica Nogales located two building to the south of their office.

The office is brand new and equipped with the latest technology in X-ray and Ultrasound equipment. As with all the offices in the new clinic, the office is high end furnishings and decor to make the patient feel confident and comfortable.

Besides Dr. Monroy, there are two highly trained professional Radiology Technicians on staff. The professional services provided at the Imagen Medica is equal to or superior to any radiology department in any clinic in the USA. They offer convention general radiology services plus they have a US Doppler Color imager and they are highly skilled in the interpretation of the images.

Probably the most valuable service that they provide is immediate in-house radiology results. The patient does not have to travel to another location and then wait for the results. The high-end equipment and the highly skilled professionals provide the Endomedica Clinic doctors with immediate diagnostic information so that the patient can be treated efficiently and in minimal time. 

For Your Information:

LOGIQ 5 - Versatile High Performance System

The LOGIQ 5 Expert ultrasound system delivers the premium performanceVersatile High Performance System advantage of TruScan architecture in a versatile high performance package. Advanced capabilities for outstanding clinical performance are available with the efficiency and productivity needed to meet clinical demands.



Tomography is imaging by sections or sectioning, through the use of wave of energy.[1] A device used in tomography is called a tomograph, while the image produced is a tomogram. The method is used in medicine, archaeology, biology, geophysics, oceanography, materials science, astrophysics and other sciences. In most cases it is based on the mathematical procedure called tomographic reconstruction. The word was derived from the Greek word tomos which means "a section", "a slice" or "a cutting". A tomography of several sections of the body is known as a polytomography.

Modern tomography

More modern variations of tomography involve gathering projection data from multiple directions and feeding the data into a tomographic reconstruction software algorithm processed by a computer. Different types of signal acquisition can be used in similar calculation algorithms in order to create a tomographic image. With current 2005 technology, tomograms are derived using several different physical phenomena listed in the following table.

Physical phenomenon Type of tomograph
X-rays CT
gamma rays SPECT
electron-positron annihilation PET
electrons Electron tomography or 3D TEM
ions atom probe

Some recent advances rely on using simultaneously integrated physical phenomena, e.g. X-rays for both CT and angiography, combined CT/MRI and combined CT/PET.

The term volume imaging might subsume these technologies more accurately than the term tomography. However, in the majority of cases in clinical routine, staff request output from these procedures as 2-D slice images. As more and more clinical decisions come to depend on more advanced volume visualization techniques, the terms tomography/tomogram may go out of fashion.

Many different reconstruction algorithms exist. Most algorithms fall into one of two categories: filtered back projection (FBP) and iterative reconstruction (IR). These procedures give inexact results: they represent a compromise between accuracy and computation time required. FBP demands fewer computational resources, while IR generally produces fewer artifacts (errors in the reconstruction) at a higher computing cost.

Although MRI and ultrasound make cross sectional images they don't acquire data from different directions. In MRI spatial information is obtained by using magnetic fields. In ultrasound, spatial information is obtained simply by focusing and aiming a pulsed ultrasound beam.


Monday through Friday     8:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday                              9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Sunday                                            Closed

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Traveler's Checks, Money Order, and Cash
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 Contact Information:

Dr. Luis Fernando Monroy A., MD (English Spoken)
Imagen Medica

840 San Martin
MX Tel: 631-320-5650 and 631-145-0654
NEXTEL: 72*8*25737
Dr. Monroy

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