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Nogales, Sonora, Mexico


Dr. Mario A. Ibarra Retes General and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Francisco Vazquez Orthodontist Laser Tech Nogales Sonora Mexico

Dr. Mario A. Ibarra
(English is Spoken)
Ibarra Dental

Ave. Campillo 86, # 216
Nogales, Sonora
MX Tel No.: 
US Tel No.:
(520) 313-5611

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Dr. Francisco Vazquez
(English is Spoken)
Laser Tech

Ave. Obregón # 28,
Ste. 10
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.:
(520) 440-6298

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Laser Dentistry Overview

By visiting a laser dentist, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a new and exciting technology. We would like to give you some basic information and perhaps reduce any of your concerns.

Dental lasers are a family of instruments. Some lasers are used for surgery, some to cure restorative materials and enhance tooth bleaching, and others to remove tooth structure for elimination of disease and restoration – different lasers for different procedures. All lasers require eye protection. Safety glasses with special lenses will be provided. Family and guests in the dental operatory at the time of your laser treatment may also be asked to wear protective eyeglasses.

Lasers do not make whining sounds or other annoying noises. You may experience the sound of a rush of air, since air suction is often used to keep the area cool and cleaner. You should be able to relax and be comfortable while the dental laser is in use.

Depending on your treatment needs, your dentist may use the laser for a long period of time or possibly only for brief moments. However, even those procedures that require only a short period of laser usage benefit from the advantages of laser therapy. With laser surgery, there is a reduced need for local anesthesia, bleeding is minimized, swelling is controlled, and there is usually little, if any, postoperative discomfort. Laser energy enhances the effect of tooth bleaching agents for a faster and more effective result. Natural looking restorative materials for teeth are more quickly cured to greater hardness. Lasers that remove tooth decay are fast and seldom require anesthesia.

Dental lasers are used for a variety of treatment procedures. Your dentist knows which types of patient care are more patient friendly with a laser than with alternative traditional methods. The dentists using lasers have devoted training time and expense to be able to bring you the many advantages of this exciting new technology.


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These Featured Dentists are Located in
Nogales, Mexico or Nogales, Sonora, Mexico at the Arizona Border with Mexico

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