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What is Oral Surgery? 

Dental Extractions

We have developed techniques to remove teeth painlessly and with efforts to always save supporting bone and gum tissues. This is important so there are good structures to later support the placement of implants, bridges, or dentures for the best possible functional and cosmetic results. In most cases we will deliver temporary teeth on the day of extractions so you can feel confident in your appearance and start to function nearly immediately. Permanent tooth replacements will be done by your dentist. Sometimes we will reconstruct missing jaw structure.

Management of Oral Pathology - Cysts, Tumors, and Infections

Oral pathology and oral infections can cause symptoms such as pain and swelling, but often there can be significant damage that is not noticed by patients and is seen by your dentist in x-rays or by examination. We use state of the art diagnostic tools such as pantographic x-rays, tomograms, and computerized 3D reformatted CT scans. Our microscopic evaluations of biopsies is done by the University of California and University of the Pacific Oral Pathology departments - two of the most respected oral pathology labs in the country. Pathology is treated with laser surgery and microscopes when appropriate. We will discuss the details of the diagnosis and treatment in detail and supply you with copies of all pathology reports. Infections are managed with antibiotics, home care instructions, and surgery where necessary. Close follow-up and communications are critical to assure rapid recovery.

Reconstruction of Jaw Structures and Preparation of Jaws and Soft Tissues for Dentures, Bridges, Implants

Jaw bone and gum tissues shrink, get distorted or are lost from cysts, tumors, trauma, periodontal disease and tooth loss. Pressure from dentures, and partials, especially in women, slowly destroy most of the remaining jaw bone, cause sores and irregular excess tissue. It is not uncommon to see 40% of the bone in an area of tooth extraction dissolve away, unless it is restored with implants and/or bone grafts. Often additional gum tissue must be added in areas where cosmetics are a concern, such as the upper front of the mouth, before implants, bridges or dentures can be made.

Tremendous strides have been made in the last few years in recognition and treatment of these problems. We use a variety of materials from the patient's own bone and soft tissue, to bone and soft tissue from "tissue banks", and synthetic bone and tissue substitutes. These procedures are predictable and helpful to patients in the effort to get the best functional and esthetic results. Today most of these procedures can be done in the office with minimal discomfort and loss of work.

Endodontic Microsurgery (Root Canal Surgery)

Historically the operating microscope has opened new vistas in medicine. Recently the operating microscope has been introduced to the dental community where its use has revolutionized surgical endodontics (surgical root canals). Cases that only a few years ago couldn't be done and required tooth extraction, now can be treated with great clinical success.

Surgical root canals are done when regular root canals fail, when there is a large cyst or infection in the bone at the root of a tooth, and when teeth have caps (crowns) or large fillings where regular root canals are difficult to do. Postoperatively patients have reduced discomfort and swelling when procedures are done under the microscope or surgical telescopes because tissue is handled so gently during these procedures

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