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Dr  Jose Luis Lopez Dental Braces Orthodontics Nogales Sonora Mexico

Dr. Francisco Vazquez Orthodontist Laser Tech Nogales Sonora Mexico

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Dr. José Luis Lopez
(English is Spoken)

Plutarco Elias # 1
(Puerta de Mexico)
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.:  520-313-0745

Dr. Jose Lopez

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Dr. Francisco Vazquez
(English is Spoken)

Ave. Obregón # 200
Street Entrance
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.: 520-440-6298

Laser Tech Dental
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Dental Advanced
(English is Spoken)

Ave. Obregón # 147,
Ste. 1-3
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel. No.:
US Tel No.
Dental Advanced Dentists

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Dr. Hector Arevalo, Orthodontist at Ortho Arevalo in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Dr. Hector Arevalo G.
(English is Spoken)
Ortho Arevalo Offices

Plaza Pesqueira, No. 5-B
Nogales, Sonora 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.: 
(520) 841-6302

Ortho Arevalo
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Dr. Alejandro Jimenez Garcia (English is Spoken)
Dr. Jimenez Orthodontics

Ave. Obregon No. 668, Suite # 12
Nogales, Sonora, 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.:
(520) 223-4992
Dr. Jimenez

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Orthodontic Braces for Children and Adults...

When you think of braces, you may think first of children.  And it's a fact that many children between the ages of five and ten need braces to correct problems like wide spaces between teeth, badly aligned teeth, overlaps, and clicking jaws.  At this age, improvements can be made that are impossible later on.

Now adults are also enjoying new self-esteem and improved dental health that orthodontics offers.  It's becoming more common (even trendy) to see adults wearing braces.  An attractive smile is an asset in all peer groups, in the business and social world.

It's never too late to enjoy the benefits of orthodontics.  Call us in Nogales, and we'll set up an orthodontic evaluation for you and your family.

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