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Dr. Francisco J. Tapia or Dental Tapia in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Dr. Francisco J. Tapia, D.D.S 
(English is Spoken)
Dental Tapia

Ave. Campillo # 86, Suite. 302
Nogales, Sonora Mexico 84000
MX Tel No.:
US Tel No.: 
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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is concerned with the care of patients who require restoration of the oral and dental tissues. In the United Kingdom population, remaining dentate into later life, increasingly issues concerning the most appropriate, relevant dental management assume a high priority for the individual. The specialty involves contributing to the care of the elderly and those with special medical needs together with those with learning difficulties for whom appropriate management is important, in addition to providing treatment for those who require complex dental care. The disciplines of operative dentistry, periodontology, fixed and removable prosthodontics and endodontics are involved.

Restorative Dentistry has been recognized as a specialty in the UK since 1973. In that year the Joint Committee for Higher Training in Dentistry (JCHTD) formally requested, and obtained, from the then Department of Health and Social Security, recognition of Restorative Dentistry as the third hospital dental specialty. Oral Surgery and Orthodontics were the first to be recognized. Training programs in Restorative Dentistry were established by the Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC), a sub-committee of the JCHTD, in 1976 and at that time most trainees received 4-year post-fellowship training prior to accreditation and eligibility to apply for NHS Consultant posts.

Restorative Dentistry has produced a body of highly competent, well-trained individuals, able to handle the duties of Consultant posts within the specialty. Broad training is particularly important for those who are appointed to NHS Consultant posts in district general hospitals.

Basically the same is true in the United States and Mexico, we are seeking a better definition.

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