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Ozone Dental Treatment

What is Ozone Dental Therapy?

The idea
The development of an economical, practice-suited and trend-setting method for effective sterilization of wounds which accelerates the healing and avoids side effects and complications of conventional treatment methods.

The functionality The primo LOGO3 produces ozone oxygen by a special glass-tube electrode using high-frequency current- ideally concentrated, exactly and only in the area to be medicated.
As one of the strongest oxidizing agents ozone works...

The primo LOGO3 connects two therapy forms ideally, as beyond the effect of ozone, a high frequency stimulation current affects the sick tissue.


The outstanding effect of primo LOGO3 is comparable to the dental-laser, but to a fraction of costs and expenditure. The primo LOGO3 is easy to handle, maintenance-free, lightweight, handy and mobile. The primo LOGO3 is also in the view of an alarming increase of anaphylactic reactions and resistances to antibiotics and other chemical-pharmaceutical means and materials an innovative and modern instrument of advanced dentistry.


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