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Dental Services

Dental Care Services

Laser Tech Dental's Professionals FIRST Priority is:
Saving Teeth, Gums and Jaw Bones
 Orthodontic (Braces)  Cosmetic Dentistry
Orthopedic Maxillofacial Treatments

Laser Teeth Whitening 

General Dentistry

Painless Cavity Repair
Dental Laser  Ozone Treatment
Dental Implants Elimination of Gingivitis
Dental Hygiene-Cleaning Hypersensitivity Treatments
Root Canals Periodontics-Gum Surgery
(cured with laser/minimally invasive!!!)

Veneers (Lumineers)

Maxillofacial Treatments
Caps, Crowns & Bridges (Traditional or the New Bridge Huggers)

Ask about any Specific Services that you may need.


Call or email for more information about other types of cosmetic dental work or for more specific questions about your needs.

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