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Dr. Pablo Cervantes Reyes, M.D., graduated from Universidad Autonoma deVazquez Dr Pablo Cervantes.jpg (172447 bytes) Guadalajara with post graduate studies in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Cervantes continuing education includes courses and seminars in Medical and Cosmetic Laser and Ozone treatment techniques and advancements in the emerging technologies.

The Doctor has had extensive experience at the Burn Unit in the Guadalajara Civil Hospital in Guadalajara, before setting up a very successful private practice in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Dr. Cervantes has joined Laser Tech to enable him to fully utilize his expertise with the more advanced and expensive equipment that the larger, up-to-date Laser Tech Clinic offers him.

Dr. Cervantes is a member of several professional organizations in Nogales and Sonora Mexico including the prestigious LIVENED Institute and the Colegio de Medico Frontera. 

The Doctor lives in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Dr. Cervantes and his family enjoys the outdoors, Scuba Diving and Fresh Water fishing and his passion is Off-Road Vehicles.

Flora, Technician in the Laser Tech Podiatry Department is from Cordova, Veracruz, has 9 years experience in Flora at Laser Tech Podiatrist in Nogales Sonora Mexicopodiatry and  growing up with a curiosity about functionality of feet and the problems associated with them. Flora finds great personal satisfaction in solving problems with patient's problems.

Podiatry is the medical specialty which aims in the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and deformities of the feet, being the Podiatrist (University degree studies) professional qualified to receive, scan, diagnose and treat the patient within its scope.

The Podiatrist possesses the necessary tools to address the problems of the skin and nails such as helomas (tripe), Hyperkeratosis (hardness), warts, eczema, fungus, excessive sweating, psoriasis...; as well as also ortopodologicos personalized and individualized treatments (templates, silicone implants,...) to achieve postural Podiatrist at work at Laser Tech in Nogales Sonora Mexicobalance of patient control pressures that, during the March, the foot can not distribute properly and cause headaches both on foot, knee, hip or back. With a good treatment, i.e., correct bad positions (feet flattened, valgus, cavos, calcaneal Spurs...) and make work more efficiently the whole support of our body.

The wide range of possibilities offered by the podiatry helps us to address all the problems that prevent us from enjoying our lives on a daily basis: our obligations work, family or leisure... don't let a pain in your feet to limit your possibilities, there are solutions for all alterations.

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The Laser Tech Med/Spa Clinic is hygienically sterilized modern facility that has spent an enormous amount of money to become as up-to-date as possible with the latest laserReceptionist Isela at Laser Tech Medical Spa in Nogales Sonora Mexico and ozone therapeutic equipment available. Beyond the equipment and facility the Clinic hasLaser Tech Med/Spa one of 4 private treament rooms Nogales Sonora Mexico invested heavily in education and training of its' staff to insure expected or anticipated results.

Please look at the before and after pictures of the various procedures to get an idea of how the Laser Tech Clinic can help you improve the quality of your life.

All of the procedures are topical, non surgical, non invasive. All the procedures are guaranteed to produce the results that your physician and you agree upon. As an example, the Clinic gives a lifetime guarantee on their permanent hair removal procedure--it normally takes 4 or 5 sessions for the process. Those sessions are all  covered in the initial price and any subsequent sessions that may be necessary at a later time are also included--Ask a U.S.A. clinic for that guarantee! In addition, ask them for a price, it will be twice that, or more, of Laser Tech. Check out the Services offered at Laser Tech and ask about all the benefits of the Featured Plasma, Laser Rejuvenation, LED light and Vibra Health.

Laser Tech Clinic has added the VelaSmooth™  Revolutionary Cellulite & body Shaping Treatment. This is the FDA approved, non invasive treatment that was featured on ABC 's The View, Tuesday, May 23, 2006 in the segment titled "How to achieve sensational summer legs." 

This is the same treatment that you may have seen advertised on television in Phoenix, available there locally. Our training along with our time and money investment in this service is of the same high price standard required to offer it to you in both the USA and Mexico. The difference is that being in Mexico, we can offer it at a fraction of the price  you would pay in USA. We have the caring, trained staff and facility to insure your treatment is efficiently done in a timely manner, to your satisfaction, and as with all of our treatments and procedures, expect to save 40 to 60%.

Maria Vazquez, Laser Tech Medical Spa, Nogales Sonora MexicoThe Doctors and Staff (Marina Vazquez, Senior Technician and Supervisor of the VelaSmooth system, pictured to the left) are ready to answer your questions by either telephone or email before you make an appointment. Once you are here we make every effort to thoroughly explain the procedures and to completely answer your questions. We understand that this  may be new to you and that you probably have not had this type of treatment before, we want you to have the confidence and self assurance going in that we know you will have upon completion of the treatment.

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We have built our reputation and our practice by treating our patients as we would expect to be treated. Our marketing plan is simple, we build our practice with the referrals from our satisfied patients--We ask you to tell your Friends, Family, Relatives and Co-Workers about your experience at the Laser Tech Clinic.


Laser Tech Before & After Pictures

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Some of the the Laser Tech's latest high tech Equipment (Click on Picture for more information):

Laser Tech Cosmetic Medical Dental Laser Procedures Equipment 1

Laser Tech Cosmetic Medical Dental Laser Procedures Equipment Fotona laser Fidelis Plus

Laser Tech Cosmetic Medical Dental Laser Procedures Equipment 3

Laser Tech Cosmetic Medical Dental Laser Procedures Equipment VelaSmooth

Dualis Sp Laser Fotona Laser Fidelis Plus Zimmer Medizine System Syneron Elos VelaSmooth Laser System

Laser Tech Med SPA in Nogales Sonora Mexico has one of the most advancedMagic Mirror System Image Analysis at Laser Tech Med/Spa in Nogales Sonora Mexico computerized skin analysis systems in the world. Using digital images via RGB and UV spectrum we can diagnose the age of your skin by anayizing spots, pores, pigment, wrinkles, sun damage, oiliness etc. to accurately offer patients the best treatment for the desired results. Patients can compare the before and after results of their treatments and skin care.

Laser Tech Med/Spa offers a variety of Services and Products
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February 24, 2014

To Martha at Laser Tech Med Spa:

I had the honor of being treated to a wonderful day at Laser Tech Med Spa in Nogales Sonora, Mexico. First of all, I was escorted into a stunning spa atmosphere and given the most delicious and relaxing massage. I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for thirty-four years and do not have the full use of my left side. When I woke up the next morning I was able to open my hand up and lift my leg further than I have been able to in many years. I don’t know what she did, but to me it was a miracle. Next, I was escorted to the pedicure chair where I was given a medical pedicure by a young lady that meticulously did each toe with precision. She discovered that I had fungus under my toenail, so she easily removed the nail and gave me a prescription for an ointment. I was able to purchase it at the pharmacy for a ridiculously low price. I do not feel I could have gotten better treatment anywhere in the United States. The staff was pleasant, attentive and experts at their trade. Consequently, I would strongly recommend Laser Tech Med Spa to anyone looking for a new experience. Martha would be sure that you have an exceptional day at the spa.


Sandy Measer


From: Hector and Patty Licon
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 10:48 AM
To: Gonzalez, Martha
Subject: Directory Visitor Comment for Laser Tech Med/Spa
Dear Martita,
My name is Patty Licon. I was there this past weekend on Saturday for the very first time. I didn't have a chance to talk to you on my way out because I was feeling too good after my massage treatment, but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to say thank you and let you know how WONDERFUL my experience at Laser Tech was. I have to confess it has been years since i felt so relaxed. I myself practice acupuncture with 5 points in the ear in Tucson and interested in therapeutic massage as well and because of that, I believe in the effectiveness of our treatments. I want to congratulate you for what you and your staff do. I can describe my experience at Laser Tech Spa as unforgettable. Customer service in the lobby was excellent, the place was very neat and clean and all staff was very professional. Once again, I thank you and I strongly look forward to seeing you again soon!
Mil gracias y bendiciones,
Patty Licon

Hctr N Ptty

"Love one another deeply, from the heart"
1 Peter 1:22


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We've been in Nogales since 1993 and we're extremely proud of our reputation!


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Dr. Francisco Vazquez M., M.S.D. (English is Spoken)Laser Tech Map to both locations in Nogales Sonora MX
Dr. Pablo Cervantes, D.D.S. (English is Spoken)
Laser Tech Medical/Spa

Ave. Obregón # 200
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MX Tel No.: 631-312-8504
US Tel No.: 520-440-6298
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